Understanding Seat Height When Shopping For Your First Motorcycle


If you're in the market for your first motorcycle, you're probably noticing a lot of figures and measurements associated with each model you look at. One of those is the seat height measurement. Some new riders overlook the seat height when shopping, but understanding what it means and how it affects the bike may help you get the bike that's right for you.

What Does the Seat Height Mean?

The seat height is the measurement from the lowest part of the seat to the ground when the bike is standing upright and unsupported by the stands. The suspension settings and frame size can both affect this measurement. When a bike has more preload, the bike itself will sit a bit higher, which increases the seat height. If you're not sure what kind of seat height you should be looking for, measure your inseam, which is the distance from the bottom of your foot to the inside crease of your leg. That tells you what seat height you can comfortably manage while still keeping your feet flat when you're on the bike.

Is It Possible For the Height to Be Too High?

There is no single magic formula for the proper height for a bike. You may find a motorcycle that fits your inseam measurement but isn't necessarily comfortable for you to balance and handle. The heavier the bike, the more realistic a concern this can be. You might even find that a lighter-weight bike is easier to handle, which allows you to opt for a higher seat than you would choose for a standard bike.

The other thing that is important to consider when evaluating how high is too high is the extra reach available on flat ground. Keep in mind that it's easier to sit on the bike and reach the ground in a showroom where the floor is flat. If you're on a ride and have to come to a stop on pavement that's crowned, you'll have a further reach to the ground on either side of the peak of the crown. This can make it harder to reach if you opt for a bike that's the tallest you can fit.

Before you settle on any bike the first time, talk with a motorcycle sales and service shop about the best seat height for your situation. If there's a bike you like that's just a bit too high, you might even be able to adjust the suspension to lower it just a bit. For more information, visit a business like Sherwood Motorcycle & Power Products Ltd.


11 May 2016

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