Keeping Your Firearms Out Of The Hands Of Your Children

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Owning firearms carries some degree of risk and this risk is compounded if you have children in your home. In a study conducted in 2002, 67 children died as a result of firearms. If that is the case, you will need to be extra diligent in making sure that your firearms are secured and that your children do not somehow access them.   

Choosing the Right Safe

Choose a quick-access safe. These are not only convenient, but you will be able to grab your rifle in the event that you have an intruder in your home. Biometric safes are ideal because your children will not be able to find the key and somehow open the safe. Biometric safes also eliminate the risk of not remembering where you placed your key. The safes should be placed in locations that are not accessible to your child, such as an unreachable location or in a locked room.  

Storing Your Rifle

Though you should always treat a firearm like it is loaded, store the firearm unloaded with ammunition either in a separate location or in the safe. Only store the ammunition in the safe if you feel that someone is threatening you. If the safe somehow opens, your child is less likely to be able to accidentally use the rifle.

Additional Security Measures

You can either use a separate locking mechanism on the rifle that creates an extra layer of security or you could disassemble your rifle and place the parts in separate locations. If you own a lot of rifles, designate different saves for different rifle parts. Never use either of these methods as a substitute for a safe.

Explaining Firearms to Your Child

Talk to your children about the danger of firearms and why they are not toys. Consider not giving your child a toy rifle to avoid any confusion. Try to handle your rifle in a separate room, with your child not present. Explain to your child what to do if he or she finds one of your weapons in the home.  

If someone ever borrows a rifle and returns it to you, always assume that the rifle is loaded. Accidents happen because a familiarity with the firearm causes many owners to forget the inherent danger. If you would like more hands-on help on firearm safety, consider taking a gun safety course. Also, ask if there is a firearm awareness course available for your children (such as the Trophy Book Archery firearms safety course in Edmonton).


18 August 2015

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